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This book is a blend of factual information, and "what may have been" fiction


Dedication and Introduction

Chapter 1 The fictional events of June 1st 1944 with fact based characters. Chpt 1

Chapter 2 The early life of the young W/Op. Chpt 2

Chapter 3a Training by the seaside. His service life begins. Chpt 3a

Chapter 3b His training continues around the country. Chpt 3b

Chapter 3c He has some leave before beginning his Operational Training. Chpt 3c

Chapter 4 At last to an operational squadron in the build up to D-Day.

Chapter 5 The events of May 31st 1944. A large scale map of the raid. Chpt 5

Chapter 6 Returning to the (fictional) aircraft in the early hours of 1st June 1944. The facts behind the events that unfold. Chpt 6

Chapter 7 The unfolding story as the research and remembrance begins. Chpt 7

Chapter7(Supp)More information emerges. Chpt & Supp

Chapter 8 I return to France to locate the crash site and find out more. Chpt 8

Chapter 9 The epilogue . Chpt 9

Appendix 1 & 2 & Acknowledgements Appx 1 &2


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