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Andrew Operational Dee BB

Andrew, looking dapper in his new Sergeant Aircrew Uniform. Early '43, On his last leave and in the BBs

Harry S

Harry Saunders, the Mid upper gunner. His wife Joyce is still alive and well. My grateful thanks for the photograph.


Alec Holms, the Navigator, shown in RAF and NZ Uniform.

David Badcock, the Bomb Aimer, who was initially buried with Andrew in Rheingonheim.

"Barney" Barnard, and at 'Culter on leave. The only survivor of the last operation, he spent the rest of the war as a POW and returned to the UK where he died in the 1970's

Adrian Douglas, the Maori Wireless Operator/Air Gunner. His parents visited Andrew's parents after the war .

They were a very devout couple who lost two sons in the war.

Andrew in BB

Andrew (extreme right) in the Boys' Brigade,1935 in Peterculter, receiving the "Kings Message" from a local dignitary.