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Andrew was born in Hildesay House, on the 10th October 1921, to George Mckenzie Brown and Christina Thom Brown, of Peterculter Aberdeenshire. The birth was registered on the 11th, by the West Peterculter Registrar, with entry F10185.

He was the third of six children: George, Christina, (Andrew), James, William and Robina, and was brought up in a quiet part of rural Aberdeenshire. The main employer in the Peterculter area was the paper mill, with almost all the family spending some time in their employ. Being a bright lad at Culter Higher Grade school, his headmaster was horrified when he applied for work at the local paper mill, so placed him in an office job at Aberdeen. This did not sit well with Andrew, and after a few weeks he was back knocking at the mill door. He was also an outdoors person, deeply involved with the countryside and its wildlife. Maybe even a little bit of poaching?

He joined the RAR (VR) in London on the 18th August 1941, got his wings on the 17th Aug 1942, graduated on the 5th Sept 1942 and was reported Missing in action on the night of the 5/6th Sep 1943.

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