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A list of, and links to war grave photographs from Durnbach war cemetery, Gemany. Individual headstones photographed at Durnbach are listed below. Click for a large picture.

Flt Sgt A.A. Brown, Pilot, RAF

Sgt D.A.P. Guest, Flt Engineer, RAF

Flt Sgt A.H.Holms, Navigator, RNZAF

Sgt H.A. Saunders, Air Gunner, RAF

Flt Sgt D.H.W. Badcock, Bomb Aimer, RNZAF

W.O. A.V. Douglas, WOp, AG, RNZAF

Sgt G.H.R. Bell, WOp, RAF

Sgt J.G.Clarke, Bomb Aimer, RAF

Flt Sgt B.P.Devine, Bomb Aimer, RAF

P.O. T.H.Gill, Pilot, RAF

Flt Sgt R.V.Gough, Navigator, RAF

Flg Off. G.R.McCleave, Navigator, RAF

Sgt K. McDonagh, Air Gunner, RAF

Sgt R. McKee, Air Gunner, RAF

Sgt M. McPherson, Flt Engineer, RAF

Sgt W.A. Morton, WOp/AG, RAF

Sgt H.P. Purdy, Air Gunner, RAF

Sgt P. Roberts, Flt Engineer, RAF

Sgt J.P.Sheridan, RAAF

Sgt J. Harding, Air Gunner, RAF

Flt Lt D.G. Leader Williams, Pilot, RAF

Flt Sgt G.A. Munro, Navigator, RCAF

Sgt T.W. Bradford, Flt Engineer, RAF

Flt Sgt R.A. Knight, Pilot, RAF

Sgt D.G. Connor, WOp/AG, RAF

Flt Sgt C.A.Davis, Air Gunner, RCAF

Flt Sgt W.F. Williams, WOp/AG, RAF

Sgt G.W. Whittles, Air Gunner, RAF

Flt Sgt R.D. Frame, Air Gunner, RAF

Sgt F.B.Walker, Flt Engineer, RAF

Fg Off G.W. Oldham DFC, Pilot, RAF

Flt Sgt J.A.Mc Kerrow, Navigator, RAF

Fg Off L.W. Petts, Bomb Aimer, RAF

Flt Sgt W. Upsall, Air Gunner, RAF

Sgt D.A. Loveday, Flt Engineer, RAF

Sgt G.S. Longmate, Air Gunner, RAF

Flt Sgt S. Fawcett, WOp/AG, RAF

Sgt D.N.Collins, Bomb Aimer, RAF

Fg Off G. Buxton, Navigator, RAF

Sgt W.J.C.Wylie, Wireless Operator, RAF

Fg Off A. West, Pilot, RAF

Flt Sgt F.A.C. Varrall, Navigator, RAF

Sgt G.H. Nairn, Air Gunner, RAF

Private J. Mooney, Tyneside Scottish, The Black Watch

Fg Off J. Maher, Bomb Aimer, RAF

Sgt R. Goodacre, Flt Engineer, RAF

Sgt T Collins, Air Gunner, RAF

Sqdn Ldr G. Ryle, DFC, Air Gunner, RAF

Sqdn Ldr J.L.Martin, DFC and Bar, Navigator, RAF

Wg Cmdr W. Guy Lockhart, DSO, DFC and Bar, Pilot, RAF

Sgt J.E.Johnson, Flt Engineer, RAF

Flt Lt L.D. Goldingay, DFC, W.Op, RAF

P.O. W.W. Bigoray, DFM, WOp/AG, RCAF

Sgt F.W. Shields, Air Gunner, RAF

An Airman of the 1939-45 War, Known unto God. Sept 6th, 1943

P.O. A. McNair, Navigator, RAF

P.O. J Taylor, RAAF

Sgt R.G. Nelson, Air Gunner, RAF

Sgt J.W. Noble, Bomb Aimer, RAF



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