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This site came about through a strange co-incidence. My wife, Yvonne, and I were visiting Edinburgh Castle. At the top of the Castle, there is a War Memorial Hall with "Rolls of Honour" in book form, accessable to the public. Yvonne knew of the story of my Uncle Andrew, from my mother and I discussing it on visits. So in we went. "I wonder if Andrew is in the books?" she asked. "Suppose so," was my reply. Walking forward to the volume containing the "B"s, I flicked the book open ..... and straight to the page containing Andrew's details! We looked at each other, and decided this was a bit creepy, to say the least!
Later discussions led to more research on exactly what had happened to Andrew. Initially the information was slow coming, but with the help of relatives and Andrew's surviving siblings, I managed to put together a fair bit.
My interest in computers led me to dive into the world of "On-line Research" .... and what a revelation it was. In a short space of time I had established Andrew's training history, postings and first Squadron; the names of his crew, pictures and contact with a German gentleman who had visited the crash site the day following. His name was Richard Braun; an historian  of  Ludwigshafen - Mannheim. He had also been researching the story behind the aircraft which had been brought down so close to his childhood home.
The list of people who assisted in various ways grew rapidly. The expert and detailed research of Errol Martin, a New Zealand historian and author of two reference books, was made freely available to me, to expand on the three New Zealand crew members. My brother, John, helped out with the touching up of some very old photographs. And a bonus. An old colleague, Andy Browne, kept in touch, and was gracious enough to guide me thro' the minefield of web design. My first efforts got the job done, but Andy's advice turned it into a workable site. To these guys, the members on the 12 o Clock High forum and  all the others who have guided my path, I say
Thank you.

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